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Scent Diffusers and Home Fragrance Systems

Give any space the smell of the world's most luxurious destinations with our industry leading scent diffusion systems and award winning artisan crafted aroma oils.

Experience the most advanced scent diffusion technology in your home or business and create the perfect ambience every time. 

  • Dry Mist, Cold Air Diffusion Technology

  • 100% Pure Artisan Crafted Essential and Aroma Oil Blends

  • Phone App and Wifi Connectivity

  • Micro Adjust Scent Levels

  • Multiple On-Off Timers

  • HVAC Connectivity *

  • Easy set-up

How it works

Our waterless cold-air diffusers use a patented dry mist atomization process to transform the highest quality aroma oils, hotel scents, and essential oil blends, into ultra-fine nano-mist particles, creating a safe and bespoke aromatic experience.

No heat...No Water...
Clean, safe, and un-denatured aroma oils

Shop our selection of HVAC scent diffusers and stand-alone diffusion units, with coverage options from 1000-9000+ sqft.  

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Shop Scents and Aroma Oils
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