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13 Days, the SLK Aroma designed version of the Gramercy Park NY's signature scent, is the smokier, deeper, and more lounge like cousin of Santal 26. A truly unique hotel scent, 13 Days has main notes of smoky cedar, sandalwood, amber, and musk, and slight notes of cardamom, violet and coconut oil.    

The Gramercy Park Hotel (13 Days)

    • MAIN INGREDIENTS: Smokey Cedar, Sandlawood, Amber and Musk
    • MOOD: Chic NY lounge, Sensual, and Smokey 
    • DIFFUSER USE: Designed for use in SLK Aroma waterless, cold air diffussers, our oils can also be used in ultrasonic and standard essential oil diffusers
    • HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS: All SLK Aroma oils are crafted with the finest, 100% pure, essential and aroma oil blends.
    • SAFE, PURE, CLEAN: SLK Aroma oils are industry certified and safe for use around pets and children.

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