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The Model C2 - 10,000 is a large space HVAC scent diffusion system. The C2 is capable of covering up to 10,000 square feet and can be used in a variety of applications including large homes, hotels, retail outlets, offices, lobbies, convention halls, etc. Sharing the same features as our other professional models, the Model C2  uses our most advanced cold air, nano mist diffusion technology and produces a dry scented mist that easily flows through the environment without leaving any oily residue behind.


Unique to the C2, this system is designed with dual atomizing cores, and dual pumps, allowing the user the option of using multiple scents with multiple timers and output ranges.


An easy to use interface makes for a simple setup and installation. 

HVAC Diffuser Model C2 - 10,000

    • Dry mist diffusion technology
    • HVAC connection or stand-alone use
    • Will scent approx. 10,000 sqft
    • Dual atomization cores 
    • Micro adjust scent levels (1%-100%)
    • Multiple on-off timers
    • Easy setup and installation

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