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The Broker Series Package Set comes complete with the Model A2 Diffuser, two of our most popular aroma oils and the carry box.  The system is specifically designed to create a higher perception of value for both the home it's in, and for you as the broker and sets up in just seconds.


Our patented waterless, no heat diffusers are completely safe to use around furniture, fine art, pets, and children. Use the same system for your office, home and showings. Actively use the sense of smell to create a higher value perception for both you and your clients. 


1. Model A2 Wifi Diffusion System

2. "The Squeeze, No. 9 (Ritz Carlton Miami Beach)" 120ml aroma oil bottle

3. "I'm the No. 1 (1 Hotel)" 120ml aroma oil bottle

4. The Scent Sample Master Pack which includes sample fragrance packs of 10 of our most popular scents

5. Diffusion system carrying and storage box 

Broker Series Model A2 Package Set


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