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  • What is a "cold air diffuser""
    We call our systems cold air diffusers because they operate without the use of heat. By eliminating heat from the atomization process, we're able to disperse our oils in their purest, undenatured state, maintaining all of their intended aroma qualities and health benefits.
  • Will your aroma oils work in a typical water based diffuser?
    Yes. You can use these oils the same way you would use other essential oils in your diffuser.
  • How long will a bottle of oil last?
    If used on an 8 hour schedule at medium intensity, a bottle of oil will last approximately 30 days. Used on a 4 hour daily schedule, a bottle will last approximately 2 months.
  • Do these systems make noise?
    SLK Aroma diffusion systems are ultra-quiet and have been designed to operate with little to no noise. The stand-alone Model A units operate at less than 38 decibels and are virtually silent. The larger HVAC equipped diffusers are going to be slighlty louder and make a light humming noise if used in a quiet room. When placed in an HVAC closet the systems can't be heard.
  • Are these systems safe around pets and children?
    Yes. SLK Aroma oils are made from the finest essential and aroma oils available and meet or exceed the most stringent IFRA standards.
  • Can I use these oils on my skin?
    Our Aroma oils are made from pure, concentrated essential oils and should not be applied to the skin or ingested.
  • How do I clean the machine?
    Use 95 % alcohol to wipe down any oil that might have spilled on the unit. We also recommend following the cleaning instructions and using a 95% alcohol solution through the machine once every 2-3 months.
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