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The First Professional Grade Scent Marketing Tools Designed Specifically For The Real Estate Industry


  • Create an ultra-luxe ambience and full sensory luxury experience in any space in just seconds.

  • Experience improved showings, better client engagement, and higher perceived property values.

  • Instantly create a memory with your clients that links you to the feelings of ultra luxury living and high value professionalism.

  • Prospects on average will spend 30% more time at a showing, are more likely to connect with and remember a property, and will have a higher perception of the person showing the property.


Build your brand around a researched and proven scenting system used by ultra-luxurious brand names and marketing teams throughout the world.

  • Control the ambience of your spaces and instantly increase client mood and value perception.

  • The sense of smell (not sight) is the first sense triggered when you walk into a space.

  • SLK Aroma's portable scent marketing systems come in an a lightweight carry case and setup in just seconds. 

Model A2 Broker Series

(Portable Scent Diffusion System)

  • Our signature bespoke carry scent diffuser

  • Set up and take down in seconds

  • Sleek design quietly blends in with most decor

  • Broker Series includes two of our most popular scented oils. Oils will last over 150 hours (each) on normal use. 

  • Use the same scents and systems trusted by the worlds largest hotel brands, home builders, and retailers.

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