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The Model K1 is designed for large spaces over 8000 cubic meters in volume (approximately 5000 square feet). The system can connect directly to your HVAC system and can be installed either wall mounted or left free standing. The system produces a dry scented mist that easily flows through your environment without leaving any oily residue behind. 


The Model K1 uses our most advanced cold air, nano mist diffusion technology. The system is designed to be used with our fully functional phone app and offers both a standard direct connect mode (no Wifi Network necessary) and an advanced user setup mode which allows you to connect the system to a local area Wifi network. The advanced connection option gives you the ability to access your system from anywhere you can access your network. You'll be able to adjust the scent concentration from 1.5% to 100%, set multiple on/off timers, and monitor scent levels, all from the app.

Model K1

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  • SLK Aroma offers a 15 day, limited return policy on its diffusion systems. If you're dissatisfied with the system for any reason, we'll refund the full purchase amount (excluding shipping). Customer is responsible for shipping of the product back to our facility. See Shipping and Returns page for more details.

    • Dry mist diffusion technology
    • Will scent approx. 5000 sqft (8000m^3)
    • Phone app conectivity
    • Micro adjust scent levels (1.5%-100%)
    • Multiple on-off timers
    • Advanced WiFi and local network connectivity mode

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