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How SLK Aroma Diffusion Technology Works

Our waterless cold-air diffusers use a patented dry mist atomization process to transform essential and aroma oil blends, into ultra-fine nano-mist particles, creating a safe and bespoke aromatic experience.

The atomization process mixes clean filtered air with 100% pure oils (no water), and through a high pressure atomization process, transforms the oil particles into a super fine mist that can be evenly disbursed through the air. 


Because our diffusers produce a dry mist, they can be safely used in HVAC systems (air conditioners), and around furniture, art, and electronics without leaving behind oily residue that other types of diffusers create. 

How Cold-Air Scent Diffusers Work
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Model X Hybrid Diffuser
Model A Wifi Diffuser
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