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Introducing "Gold Dust," the epitome of luxury encapsulated in a fragrance designed exclusively for the most discerning guests and home owners. 


At the heart of "Gold Dust" lies the delicate essence of white tea, infusing the air with a sense of tranquility and purity. Harmoniously intertwined with the invigorating zest of Spanish lime, the fragrance bursts forth with a vibrant energy, igniting the senses and invigorating the spirit.

As the scent unfolds, the timeless allure of neroli emerges, its floral notes imbuing the atmosphere with an irresistible charm and elegance. Like a whisper of blossoms carried on a gentle breeze, neroli adds a touch of romance and sophistication to every encounter.


Completing this enchanting olfactory journey is the grounding presence of cedarwood, its warm and woody aroma enveloping the senses in a comforting embrace. With each inhalation, cedarwood imparts a sense of serenity and depth, creating a sanctuary of peace and relaxation.

Gold Dust


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