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Research driven scents and scenting systems designed to

maximize the value of your investments.

  • Increased client and employee mood

  • Higher overall value perception​

  • Better client conversion

  • Better reviews

Business Scenting

Hotels          Offices          Retail          AirBnB Hosts          
Property Managers          Spa/Fitness 


SLK Aroma's ultra-luxe scents and diffusion systems are proven to create a higher perception of value and a cleaner more luxurious ambience. With that comes happier guests, longer stays, and better reviews. 

Guest reviews drive your business and your profitability. Create an ambience that guarantees to maximize your guest experience, your guest reviews, and your investment.


A well scented environment will create an ambience that excites your employees and captivates your clients. Research shows that a properly scented workspace will lead to happier employees, higher quality new hires, longer customer stays, and an increased desire to spend. Message one of our aroma consultants to learn more about incorporating scent into your business.

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The smells that your clients experience when they visit should be both pleasant and purposeful, creating a memorable full sensory experience from the moment they arrive. As we know, the sense of smell is the first sense triggered when we enter a new space, so matching the right scent to your company should be  an important part of your branding strategy. A great scent will set the tone for a successful and profitable session, evoking positive, happy feelings from the moment your guests arrive, and ultimately leading to better reviews and better business. SLK Aroma has targeted scents in it's Aroma oil library designed specifically for the Spa and Fitness industries. Message one of our Aroma consultants to learn more about incorporating a full sensory scenting system into your business.  

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