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Make Your Home Smell Amazing With the World's Leader in Home Fragrance Technology

Discover how the world's finest hotels, homes, and businesses, make their spaces smell amazing using SLK Aroma cold-air diffusers and how you can get the same aroma experience in your home.

Cold Air Diffusers and Fragrance Systems

No Heat - No Water - 100% Aroma Oils 

Pure Essential and Aroma Oils

*Oils last up to 10x longer than plug-ins

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Model X Home Fragrance System by SLK Aroma
Model X Hybrid Aroma Diffusion System
Home Fragrance Oils
Artisan Crafted Aroma Oils and Hotel Scents


"I absolutely love my new diffusion system! Instead of running to Bath and Body Works and buying a ton of refills I only need 1 bottle for my entire downstairs. I also splurged and got the unit where I can schedule when I want it to run and how potent I want it to be. **highly recommend**"

Lauren W.

"The No. 11 The Edition scent smells exactly like the Edition Hotel!! I love the Edition Hotel scent and even though it seemed a little expensive I went for it and bought the Model A diffuser. Best purchase I've made in a long time. It makes my whole apartment smell amazing, was easy to setup, and lasts way longer than the $50 candles I was buying."   

Ella M

"Not exaggerating, every single person that comes into my house stops and tells me how great it smells. Wish I'd had one of these in college!"

Ben K

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