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The Model A2 Diffuser (Wifi) is SLK Aroma's signature small space system.  Designed to elegantly blend into any room, the A2 Wifi is a powerful, yet virtually silent machine.  Sharing many of the same features as our large space professional models, the A2 Wifi uses our most advanced cold air, nano mist diffusion technology. The system is designed to be operated with the built in touch pads or the fully functional phone app and offers both a standard direct connect mode (no Wifi Network necessary) and an advanced user setup mode which allows you to connect the system to a local area Wifi and network giving access from anywhere you can access your network. You'll be able to adjust the scent concentration from between 1.5% to 100%, set multiple on/off timers, and monitor scent levels, all from the app.


**Note** The initial setup for the advanced user mode (only the initial setup) will require the user to connect to the machine using a 2.5G Wifi connection. Please read the instructions carefully or watch the "Setting up your system" video found in the diffusers section of the website.

Model A2 Diffuser (Wifi) Black

$225.00 Regular Price
$149.99Sale Price
    • Dry mist diffusion technology
    • Will scent approx. 1000 sqft
    • Phone app conectivity and touch pad controls
    • Micro adjust scent levels (1.5%-100%)
    • Multiple on-off timers
    • Advanced WiFi and local network connectivity mode

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