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How to Make Your House Smell Like a 5 Star Hotel

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Whether it's the intoxicating aroma of the Edition, the sultry lounge like smell of the 1 Hotel, or the uplifting clean citrus aroma of the Delano, the scents of the world's finest hotels create an amazing full sensory experience from the moment you walk in. In this article we're going to show you how you can make your house smell like a 5 star hotel and how to create the same ambience in your home that you get from an ultra-luxe boutique hotel. Here's how to make it happen!

There are a few things you're going to need in order to give your olfactory system the same sensation you get from that fancy hotel. Number one is the scent itself, and number two is the scent diffusion system. Fortunately, companies like SLK Aroma offer the entire package of ultra-luxe hotel scents and scent diffusion systems to get you started.

The Scents

Hotels (and spas, businesses, gyms, restaurants, etc.) use designer crafted aroma oil products as their scenting material. These aroma oils are typically hand crafted by professional perfumers and fragrance companies using the finest essential and aroma oil combinations, creating truly unique and luxurious scents that can be recognized as part of the brand. As the sense of smell is more powerful than sight, it's extremely important for a hotel to build the perfect aroma to match their desired ambience.

SLK Aroma, which markets itself as being the "Curators and Designers of the World's Most Luxurious and Exotic Scents" has an amazing scent library of some of the most famous hotels and resorts in the world. And the great news is that you can purchase any of these aroma oils directly from their website. Options range from the Edition to the 1 Hotel, to the Four Seasons, to the Gramercy Park and more. The scents are exactly those of the hotels, so be prepared for an amazing experience. Remember, the quality and uniqueness of the oil will make a huge difference in how it will smell in your space. So step one is finished, just choose your scent.

The Diffusion System

Equally important to the scent itself is how you disperse the scent in your space. Hotels use machines call cold air diffusers (or nebulizing diffusers) that use a dry mist atomization process to disperse the oils. Some oils are dispersed through diffusion systems that connect directly to an HVAC system while others are dispersed using stand-alone units (which disperse directly into the room) These types of diffusers allow the user to control the amount of scent being dispersed into the room and the timing of the dispersion with super precise accuracy. VERY IMPORTANT.

The Last Step

Once you have the scent and the type of diffusion system picked out, the last step (and most important) is to fine tune the amount of scent to match the size of your space. The goal is to enjoy the smell of the scent when you walk in and to enjoy the smell of the scent every time you walk in. If the scent is too strong or too concentrated in one part of the house it can be off putting to you and your guests. Your sense of smell adapts quickly, so you won't need to overdue it. The beauty of these systems is that you can tailor the scent experience to your own preference. That said, good practice is to lightly disperse the scent in an area that has good air circulation and in an area where the scent can properly mix in with the surrounding environment. If you can master that, you're going to end up with the exact same scent experience that you get in a 5 star hotel! Good luck.

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This was the best diffusion machine I have ever purchase. It was completely quiet and it made my house smell amazing just like a hotel. My favorite smell was the no. 11 edition and I would 10/10 recommend.

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